The Shane Fund for College Scholarships

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The Shane Fund for College Scholarships

Five years ago, two friends of the foundation, Ron and Eric, were living in Atlanta and took in Eric’s 13 year old nephew, Shane. Shane had been living in a challenged section of Baltimore. He had been having difficulty with his parents and was struggling in school. With the love, discipline, guidance and support of Ron and Eric, Shane turned his failing grades into straight A’s. Two years later, Ron was transferred to San Francisco and Shane had to go back into the same unhealthy environment he’d come from. His grades began to slip under the challenging circumstances. One year ago Shane had the courage to call Ron and Eric and ask if he could move back in with them in San Francisco. Ron and Eric were happy to welcome Shane home. In less than one year, Shane once again attained straight A’s, participated in extracurricular school activities, skipped a grade, took dance and piano lessons, gave a piano recital and added two college courses to his senior year high school curriculum. Most important, Shane was accepted into San Francisco State University and will be the first member of his family to attend college! We at the Selway Family Foundation are touched, moved and inspired by their story. We decided to name our college scholarship fund after Shane to honor him, Ron and Eric for their commitment of empowerment.

The Selway Family Foundation creates partnerships with high schools located in underprivileged sections of our communities. We work in conjunction with principals and teachers that are in daily contact with those students that, despite difficult odds, have the ability but not the funds to complete a four year State University program. Our goal is to create a partnership between the student, their family, a career counselor, State University administrators and the foundation that will provide a mentorship support system. For a student commitment of a minimum performance standard monitored each semester, we provide a full tuition scholarship as well as a $1,000 annual book and supplies allowance.

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