The Second Chance Fund for Prison Reform

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The Second Chance Fund for Prison Reform

The Selway Family Foundation is committed to the philosophy that everyone deserves a second chance. Due to a variety of factors, primarily social and economic, we, as a country, have one of the highest percentages of people incarcerated at any given time. Worse still is the extremely high recidivate rate. Our prison systems simply don’t work, particularly for those that are truly willing to take responsibility for their lives and for their contribution to society. These are the people our foundation targets.

We look at programs that have a track record of measurable rehabilitation with low recidivate rates. Ideally these programs include reeducation, job training and counseling. There are programs ranging from small, local, nonprofit organizations to large, nationwide corporations that have been highly effective in their endeavors. We investigate them thoroughly and review all aspects of their success rates as well as their overhead percentage.

We recognize there is a large number of people that have ‘slipped through the cracks’. Shane could have slipped through the cracks if it weren’t for his demonstrated will to succeed and for the love, support and guidance of Ron and Eric who were willing to give him a second chance. Everyone has heard remarkable stories about people that started out in life on less than solid ground, made serious mistakes, were incarcerated, rehabilitated then went on to make extraordinary contributions to society. That’s what we’re interested in promoting!

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