The Furry Friends Fund for Animal Welfare

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The Furry Friends Fund for Animal Welfare

The founder of this foundation, Phil, while leaving his office one evening, heard sounds coming from a trash can on the vacant lot next door. He walked over and lifted the trash can lid. Stuffed into the trash can in a paper bag were two very young and very small kittens. They were hungry, thirsty, exhausted, traumatized and loud! Phil gave them food and water, put them in his car and drove them home. This was several years ago and they’ve been with him since. They’re now healthy, happy and well taken care of. As any animal lover will suspect, they also take good care of Phil. Phil’s named them Felix and Oscar. On occasion in the morning, Phil picks them up in his arms, gets into his car and drives them to his office. In the car they either fall asleep on his lap or curiously look out the window. While at work, they greet customers, sleep on Phil’s desk or entertain other employees while they’re working. Felix and Oscar are very fortunate.

Far too many potential best friends aren’t so fortunate. With unprecedented numbers of people losing their jobs and then their homes, many pets are simply left behind as their guardians can either no longer afford to keep them or their new living circumstances will not allow pets. Shelters are currently over run and filled to capacity. Many shelters have had to stop taking in abandoned pets or, due to cutbacks in public funding and private donations, have had to close entirely.

It’s been said that societies can be judged by how they treat animals. The Selway Family Foundation is committed to funding humane shelters, pet hospitals, clinics, adoption and spay/neuter programs. We look at any opportunity to support endeavors, small and large, that would provide a safe and healthy environment for potential pets like Felix and Oscar to thrive.

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