About S.F.F.

Thank you for taking the time to consider and familiarize yourself with the Selway Family Foundation. We welcome your participation and invite you to be part of our community. Your involvement is the key to our success.

We’re all well aware of the challenging economic times in which we’re living. Government cutbacks have been extreme and will have long term and devastating effects on desperately needed social programs. We at the Selway Family Foundation know that in times like these, pulling together and pooling our resources can make the difference in lives of those in need.

The Selway Family Foundation was established to support three basic causes. The first opportunity is to provide college scholarships for underprivileged youth that have demonstrated the will to succeed despite their circumstances. The second is to support and promote healthy animal welfare programs and shelters. The third is to support and promote effective prison reform programs. As each is structured as a separate fund, the Selway Family Foundation encourages you to specify which program is of interest to you in any combination.